Mrs. Larson's Kindergarten Class

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October 19th and 24th: Parent Teacher Conferences

Report Cards go home during Conferences

October 25th: Field Trip to Stewarts`s Pumpkin Farm


In Math:

Patterns: AB, ABB, ABC, AAB

Counting, Writing and Recognizing Numerals to 10

Shapes: All 2-D (circle, square, triangle, hexagon, rectangle)

Graphing and Sorting Objects

Identify with objects and numerals: more, less, equal

Ordinal Numbers 1st -5th


In Reading:

Students are working on listening to stories and engaging in conversations about them. They are also finding known words in print. Students are learning to touch one to one as they read. Students will be sitting and reading both independently and with a partner as well as with a teacher.


In Writing:

Students will be using journals to share a memory of something that happened to them. We will also be doing a mini unit on Informational Writing by learning about Spiders and Bats. Students will take facts learned each day and create their own book on each topic.


In Science:

Students will begin a unit on the life cycle of a pumpkin, ending with a trip to the pumpkin farm.