General Library Information

The Library/Media Center is open every day from 7:15 until 3:00
  • All students may check out books for one week.
  • Books may be renewed as many times as needed, but you must have your book with you to renew it.
  • Students may check out back issues of magazines.
  • The number of books that a student may check out is determined by grade.
K-2 books
1st 2 books
2nd 2 books
3rd 3 books
4th 3 books
5th 3 books

The most important word in the library is


That means that you are making good use of your time.
  • Reading books, newspapers, or magazines
  • Doing research
  • Studying
  • Taking an AR test Finding
  • Checking out a book
The most 2nd important word in the library is

  • Respect people - teachers, students, visitors
  • Respect STUFF - computers, books, decorations 

Meet Mrs. Chadwick

Mrs. Chadwick
Mrs. Chadwick's Bookish Bites
Hey Everyone!
My name is Heather Chadwick and I am the librarian here at Clifdale.

I absolutely LOVE to read and hope that I can inspire YOU to love reading too!

My favorite children's books are the Harry Potter series.
When I was in elementary school, I loved to read Goosebumps books.
Reading has the ability to take you anywhere, real or imaginary, which is very exciting!
Let's have an adventure and grow in reading this year!