Projects Using Technology

Looking for ideas to present your research?

Here are some really fun ideas.  

Blabberize - make your pictures talk!  

Here's one about Odin, the King of the Norse Gods 
(click on his picture) 
          Odin Greek Statue

Make a "Facebook" page.  Here's the template.
(click on the icon) 

Make a Virtual Museum with a Facebook template.  
Here's a website with lots of ideas, examples,and templates.

Think making a website with students is too hard?  Think again!  Try Wix.
It's free and Mrs. Mamroth made a generic Clifdale account.

Online surveys - favorite candy? sport? game? 
Use Survey Monkey or a Google Doc spreadsheet
(click on the icons) 
          Survey Monkey          Google

Take pictures of your research process and put it together in MovieMaker to show how you did your research and what you found out.

Don't forget writing a script and making a video with the green screen.