Websites by Subject Area

Language Arts

  • Project Gutenberg
    • Loads of full-text books, essays, and poetry...usually pre-1923 because of copyright    You can search by author or title
    • want to find out about your favorite authors?  This is the place!
  • Author's Birthdays
    • Want to find the birthday of your favorite author?  or authors that are born in a particular month?  Check this site!
  • Transition Words
    • Try using some of these transition words to improve your writing.
Poetry Fun Online

Poetry Interactives - from


  • Math Mayhem
    • This actually makes practicing math fun 
  • Bitesize Maths
    • This site is from the BBC  
  • A+ Math
    • Lots of fun math games here!
    • More math games.  Makes learning those multiplication ables fun!
  • Spacey Math
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division games from The Learning Planet
  • Quick Flash
    • This tests your multiplication knowledge...FAST!


4th Grade Animals
Bat Websites
Endangered Animals
Inventors and Inventions
Miscellaneous Sites
Science Fair Help
  • ZOOM - Great project ideas from PBS Kids
  • DragonflyTV - More great project ideas from PBS Kids  

Social Studies - and South Carolina

Geography Websites
Government Websites
History Websites
  • - You can search by decade to see how technology has changed from 1900 to the present
  • Old Magazine Articles- Learn about history by reading historical magazine articles.
South Carolina Resources